Laser clays

A complete activity package for your event. All set-up and instruction included.

Laser Clays is a safe and fun option for your wedding, stag, hen party or corporate event, suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Real, deactivated shotguns that fire lasers instead of bullets

100% safe, fun and competitive activity for your wedding, stag or hen party. Full instruction given.
Our instructors hold current the BDC(Basic Disclosure Certificate) Scotland.

An experience you won’t forget

Laser clay pigeon shooting is a safe and fun sport for all ages that can be enjoyed by all.

Similar to traditional clay pigeon shooting, it uses real (but deactivated and modified) shotguns that fire a harmless, infrared ‘laser’ beam at the ‘pigeon’ (reflective disk), launched from a modified clay launcher … BUT without the noise, kickback, or mess of shattered clays! 

There are four key items of equipment – scoreboard, shotguns, launcher, and clays. All are linked electronically to register individual hits, misses and scores through various shoot games. We provide everything, including guidance before you start.

Laser clay pigeon shooting is a great way to enhance your event and give your guests or clients a great experience.
It can be hired by the day, or by the half day.

Absolutely safe, environmentally friendly and fully inclusive.

How it works

Pulling the trigger generates a ‘BANG’ sound, a hit produces a breaking clay sound through the Scoreboard speakers, with the shotgun indicator lighting up to inform the individual. The scoreboard instantly reflects the individual scores of all players during the shoot, allowing all players and spectators to view their progress.

Up to five players shoot at the same clay which can be launched from varying positions, angles, and heights for each game. Individual scores are recorded throughout each game with the highest-scoring player becoming the winner!

No recoil

The kickback and noise from shooting is gone, making ‘the shoot’ accessible to everyone.


Your laser hits are recorded on an electronic score board for additional party excitement!

Indoors or out!

Laser clay pigeon shooting can be played indoors or out, space-permitting – ideal for all weathers.

We operate all over Scotland

Corporate, Family Fun Days, Fetes and Village Shows, Weddings, Stag and Hen Parties, Fundraising, Team Building and employee rewards.

Laser Clays Scotland is committed to providing a safe, fun, and captivating experience, delivered through our engaging and professional instructors, in an environmentally-friendly setting that fosters friendship and competitive comradery.

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