The shoot

Laser Clays Scotland prioritise our time by adapting your laser clay shooting event for you, your friends, clients, guests, or staff whether it is a Family Party, Corporate Event, Stag/Hen Do or Wedding Celebration.

With several Scoring Modes. The Shoot can be adapted with varying difficulty in the 3 positions:
‘Over the top birds’ ~ where the Clays fly at the shooter going overhead.

Crossing birds – where the clay flys across the front of the shooter, either left to right or right to left.

Going away birds – where the clay flys from behind the shooter flying away in front.

We provide full instructions

A brief instruction on handling/aiming the shotgun is delivered using a static clay target, followed by Shoot procedure before quickly launching a few practice clays to settle the nerves and get your eye in. Nothing to fret about and usually over the 10-Clays everyone will experience a ‘hit’ resulting in a score on the scoreboard.

Starting with the Skillshoot game in ‘Over the top birds’ with both shots being able to score, 1st hit worth 2 points, the 2nd 1 point – 3 points max per clay. A round consists of 10 clays and maximum score of 30 points.

With your ‘eye-in’, it’s on to the Rapid-Fire game, a more competitive game – 1st to hit scores 5 points, 2nd 4 points, down to the 5th hit worth 1 point. Maximum score here ….. 90 points! No-one to date has achieved this at a Laser Clays Scotland event.

Finally, the Speedshoot game, ONLY the 1st to hit scores so you need to be quick and accurate …… no pressure!

The scoreboard relays all your scores in seconds as the Shoot progresses ……. So, you know exactly where you are positioned!

Night Shoot

The automatic launcher charges the luminous clays before launching them, creating a luminous tracer effect across the night sky. The clays remain glowing and visible for up to 15-minutes.

The size required for the system to operate is 40m x 10m, allowing the clays to be launched and land within a controlled environment.

  • Advantages of Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Vs Traditional Clay Pigeon Shooting:
  • Noise – volume controlled via scoreboard speakers.
  • No kick-back.
  • Mobile – few space restrictions, can be accommodated by Hotels, Golf Clubs, large gardens, Country Shows, Wedding Venues.
  • Green – no pellets or broken clays therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Totally risk free and safe.


  • Great for Team Building.
  • Suitable for most age groups (children 12+)
  • Up to 5 people can shoot at the same time.
  • Self Sufficient – no power required.